The Trump Pushback - What's Behind the Rage ?

Why Is Christianity Offensive?

Is America Toast ..?

England Reaping It's Postmodernistic Seeds

Where was God when ..?

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Holy moly, are the Dems madder than a mosquito at a manequin factory or what ?

I was holding off writing this article as I thought the left would eventu...

Not only is Christianity offensive, its devisive too !  Two reasons why this is so. One reason Christianity is offensive is because of its absolute clai...

The cold hard ugly reality is, all the talk regarding all the adverse things that are taken place in the world (particularly our country) is a vain exer...

While Great Britain suffers from yet another ruthless terrorist attack, Theresa May once again stands in front of 10 Downing Street and gives another sp...

When bad things happen in the world, the age old question that always pops up is; "Where was God ? This question actually has a definitive answer.

3 Biblical misconceptions that have leaked into the secular mainstream (and sadly Christian too!) that you can share with your co-workers around the wat...

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Why Is Christianity Offensive ?

Is America Toast ?

Where Was God When ?

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