That "Right Is Still Right" guy  -  Ronny Santana

God & Politics, the 2 things you're not supposed to discuss at a party are my speciality. 


When someone tells me they don't want to discuss God or politics, my response is; "So you don't want to talk about anything deep then." (Insert deer in headlight emoji here. I hate emojis so I'm just going with text instead)  

Having ran in two Congressional campaigns, the voters told me they weren't ready for a Christian bull in a secular china shop, I did what any clear thinking individual would do and went back to acting. 

In retrospect, had I won my Congressional bid, I have no doubt I would have been

a raging success in making the world a better place to go to hell from. However, after getting out of the fetal position from my political defeat, I had a revelation.

Being that eternity is a tick longer that a human life on earth, I thought steering people to heaven rather than fixing the temporal would be the better option.

With the advent of the internet there is no shortage of talking heads giving their spin on news and world events.  However

it is just that, their spin.  RISR looks at current events through the lens of the Creator of the universe.

RIght Is Still Right is the perfect Vulcan Mind Meld of God & Politics.  WARNING: RISR a politically correct free zone.

RISR is not a Republican or Democrat show, it is a show based on what is right. There is only one canon of measure of truth, and it is unwavering.  That's why I love truth, it is not required to bend a knee to anyone or an ideology.  Truth is truth 24/7/365.  


As fun as discussing God & Politics is, it typically is not an effective means to encourage one into a saving relationship with Christ.  Have you ever read a post where an unbeliever was made aware of the falicy of liberalism or atheism, then made a decision to follow Christ in the midst of a political facebook debate ?  ..doesn't happen.  If that happens through RISR, wonderful, but it it is not a whipping post for non Christ followers.  Only a contrite heart will win a soul.   

If you are able to endure the truth serum, strap your brain on and tune in.  BTW, serum has been known to be addicting.


Ronny Santana

Enemy of the World

James 4:4

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