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Is America Toast ..?

The cold hard ugly reality is, all the talk regarding all the adverse things that are taken place in the world (particularly our country) is a vain exercise in futility. Nothing will happen and no one cares - it’ll be forgotten tomorrow.

One can blog, email, or post on facebook till hades freezes over, it does nothing. The voting populace has exchanged liberalism's big fat lies for truth and could care less that liberalism has a zero case precedence of working anywhere.

Inculcate a lie loud and long enough, people will believe you. works !

All those pesky facts & figures sung by well meaning conservatives mean nothing to a mis-guideded liberal. When one understands that the religion of liberalism is based 100% on emotionalism, one can then understand why an "intellectual" liberal cannot be enlightened, and actually appears to be blinded to truth, even when irrefutably presented. 2 Corinthians 4:4 supports this quite clearly;

"Those whose intellects the god of this world (satan) has blinded."

Gospel truth is open and revealed to everyone, ..except to those who refuse to believe. satan's work is to deceive and blind those who do not follow Christ. The allure of money, power and pleasure, blinds people to the light of Christ's gospel. Those who reject Christ and choose their own pursuits have unknowingly (and some even knowingly), made satan their god.

Armed with that, the Liberal Gestapo knows full well there will be no push back, and this is why exactly why liberalism will continually be rammed through come hell or high water. Why not continue pushing a bad ideology when you know the indoctrinated minions are busy with more pressing matters, such as playing video games on their iPad. The cancer of apathy, lies, and false religions that have systematically been bred into our social system is so insidious that it is now gone waaaaay beyond the repair stage. The issues facing our once republic are much deeper than something that can be fixed by simply voting in a different talking head. At this juncture in our nation we are quite simply in make or break stage.

The last 800 years of modern history shows only a single recorded case precedent where a society has been able to rescue itself while in a precipitous free fall, such as the one America is now in. ..our odds aren’t good. ANYTHING short of a spiritual, subsequent government revolution, is merely a band aid on the issues. This can be quite easily corroborated. Just try to add up the billions and billions of dollars and countless man-hours mankind has burned up in attempting to alleviate the world of its woes. Even a cursory view of the news clearly shows this has been a dismal failure at best. Yet we foolishly continue to go down the same unsuccessful path again, again, and again. ..Why?

The answer to this monumental question that countless politicians, authors, and philosophers have pontificated and written infinite volumes of pages on over the centuries can be succinctly summed up in a single word; ..Pride. Man's arrogance on display declaring; "I am sufficient on my own." In doing this, he has made himself the lord of his life. This is of course in direct opposition to the oldest commandment in the Bible; "You shall have no other gods before me" . Which brings us back to why man continues to follow the same knowingly unsuccessful path knowing full well it has never worked since the inception of dirt. If man admits he is indeed not sufficient on his own, that would be an admission of the need for God, and the need for God has certain requirements that is in direct opposition to man's pre-disposition of wanting to wallow in sin like a a pig in mud at the county fair. We don't want to give up our gossiping, lying and lusting. ..It just plain feels good.

The root of any and every issue can be traced back to pride - I want what I want.

As history has clearly shown us, apart from God’s ways, our response to suffering and injustice will always be a futile attempt to find solutions to conditions that cannot be solved otherwise.

All people have an intrinsic knowledge that God exists. Some freely admit that, while others feebly attempt to suppress that fact. Because people are made in "the likeness of God" (Genesis 1:27), we have built DNA to pay homage.

So instead of worshiping the true God, people have chosen to create alternative religions or gods; global warming, saving whales, Mormonism, Buddhism, (or any other "ism"), and a long laundry list of other man made sects, in order to fulfill that built in need to follow something greater than one's self. These false religions that man creates are popular and easy to follow because they require no accountability for how one conducts their life, and never addresses the 800 pound gorilla in the room, ..SIN. Overtly evidenced by the mountain of issues piling up at an exponential pace.

The left, desperately (and successfully) sweeps the sin issue under the carpet or re-labels it as something explainable and justifiable. ..Hence why we are where we are now. So now, the clear thinking individual must wonder, are we past the tipping point of no return ?

History teaches us we learn nothing from it. Having said that, when cynicism overtakes me I must cling to the verse; "Let us not become weary in doing good"

Just as every single fallen country has done before, we are merely repeating the cycle of a society imploding in on itself for no reason, other than the simple absence of doing the right thing. The soldiers are losing ground because they are fighting a spiritual battle with secular weapons. It won't work. Never has, never will.

The fat lady isnt singing yet, but she's definitely warming up in the wings ready to go on.

Ronny Santana

* * * * * *

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