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Bible Misconceptions - 3 Water Cooler Facts

3 Biblical misconceptions that have leaked into the secular mainstream (and sadly Christian too!) that you can share with your co-workers around the water cooler this week:

1. "God helps those who help themselves."

This definitely has an altruistic ring to it doesn't it ? In the world's economy this makes complete sense, which is why the world parrots it so often. In God's economy however, the exact opposite is true.

God helps those who realize they cannot help themselves. This is what makes Christianity unique to every religion on the blue marble. All religions are based on do, while Christianity is based on did, what Jesus did, to be exact. After 30+ years as a Christian I still struggle wrapping my melon around this concept.

2. "God just wants me to be happy."

The imaginative God that man has mustered up in his own imagination screams this. Subsequently man listens to it and spends every waking moment living it out. The fruit of that is what makes up the fodder of our news headlines. Obviously our creator does not want us to be unhappy. Having said that, there is no verse in the Bible that says God wants us to be happy. Trying to obtain happiness is an empty pursuit to say the least. The proof of that can be seen for all when one after another "successful" person take their life after having obtained everything the world says you need to be happy. Happiness is the byproduct of a righteous relationship with God. Is it always lemon drops and pink unicorns as a Christ follower ? No, but one day for the faithful it sure will be, ..and then some !

3. "God loves everyone."

The Christian's version of this one is; "God loves the sinner but hates the sin."

Spoiler alert; "You hate all evildoers." Psalm 5:5 ..uh oh !

That does not mean no one is out of reach by any means. Until we are restored into a right relationship with God we are enemies of God, and are storing up His wrath everyday.

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