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England Reaping It's Postmodernistic Seeds

While Great Britain suffers from yet another ruthless terrorist attack, Theresa May once again stands in front of 10 Downing Street and gives another speech saying; "Enough is enough of Islamist extremism." Islamist extremism ?? ..Really ? For the love of Mary, this is the exact reason theses terrorist attacks continue unabated because these blokes just don't know what time it is in the political world.

The British government is not alone in their ignorance of how the world of terrorism spins.

In fact, the only country that gets it is Israel, here's why.

To understand the Christian / Muslim conflict properly you need to go back 4000 years to the inception of the relationship between the Jews and Arabs which is in Genesis;

I shake my head when I hear the talking heads espousing ignorant comments regarding what Israel "needs to do" such as; "Israel should just give the Arabs the land that they are claiming is theirs then there will be peace". ..Wrong all day long.

1) It was never the Arab's land to begin with, the contract is inked in the Bible as God's word tells us in Genesis. The Arabs need to take that one up with God, the author of the contract.

2) Israel has already gone beyond the call of duty in capitulating to Arab demands in giving up more land than they should have, in order to obtain some form of peace. Even if Israel were to give up every square inch of real estate, does any reasonable thinking person (there's a qualifier there), think Arabs will just be happy campers and just go about the lives watching I Love Lucy re-runs peacefully ?

The key as to why Britain (and every other country) that is dealing with terrorism will not let go of its failed terrorism policy is found here:

Romans 8:7 "For the sinful nature is always hostile to God. It never did obey God's laws, and it never will." ..No explanation needed there.

Back to the

The terrorism attacks Britain is experiencing are not isolated cases of Islamic extremism. This is Islam. NEWSFLASH: Muslims are supposed to kill people. Prime Minister, please read the Quran - you can easily find one on every street corner in London now. "Fighting is prescribed for you." Quran (2:216) Expecting a devout Muslim not to kill is analogous to expecting a Buddhist not to meditate. It's part & parcel of the ideology.

The best that the Prime Minister could come up with in her "enough is enough" fight terrorism plan, was to "possibly consider stiffer jail terms for terrorism" ? There you go Theresa, that'll send ISIS into submission.

Her saying something as ludicrous as that is off the chart on its own, but the British populace's zero response to her delusional comment was unfathomable. Hence the continued mayhem in London. Definition of insanity; doing the same thing expecting a different result.

The postmodern seeds that England has chosen to sow are now being harvested in full bloom, and what a bountiful harvest it is. Political correctness is crushing Britain and no one wants to say uncle and acknowledging their failed chosen ideology, all the while blood continues to be spilled in the streets. So as the Brits continue their love affair with poison of postmodernism, innocent lives will unfortunately continue to be snuffed out. In essence, the liberal values they are foolishly choosing to embrace - they are essentially killing themselves.

Islam is a faceless enemy that cannot be fought by throwing out impotent platitudes such as Prime Minister May chooses to operate in. Until Britain learns to fight the war with the proper weapons they will lose all day everyday as being witnessed now. Those words aren't this cowboy's words either;

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world"

The Bible clearly instructs us how we are to fight modern day battles, such as England is facing with the onslaught of Islam. God tells us; "Therefore, take up the full armor of God" Ephesians 6 and Psalm 109 explains in detail what taking up the full armor of God looks like, but for the MTV 6 second video clip baby-boomers, the take away is this; when you wrap yourself (read; society) you will be protected. Right now the only thing Britain is wrapping itself with is the big warm fuzzy blanket of idolatry in their following of a postmodern doctrine.

I believe these verses of protection are for there here and now, but please keep in mind they are a generalization. As a reminder, we are walking in a fallen and broken world, and scripture tells us that; "He lets rain fall on them whether they are just or unjust". Even the good guys are not impervious to pain and trials, far.

We also need to understand these verses of the promises of protection through the eyes of God and with an eternal perspective, in that yes, we will indeed be protected for all of eternity from the enemy, seen and unseen both.

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